Survey: Employees Value Individual Insurance Policies

A recently published report from private benefits exchange provider Liazon highlights employee satisfaction with individual health policies purchased through a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) like the HealthJibe HEA.

The survey of over 20,000 employees showed that 98% found the ability to choose their own benefits (rather than have their employer choose for them) important, and 92% were satisfied with the benefits they choose for themselves.

Even more interesting was the fact that 85% of respondents report they are more engaged in their health care decisions, and 82% are more confident in their health care decisions.

Many small businesses intuitively understand the benefit of switching to a small business HRA that reimburses employees for individual health insurance vs a group health plan, but struggle with the impact this change might have on their employees. Hopefully, this new report will help ease the transition to solutions like the HealthJibe HEA that not only allows employees to choose their own benefits but helps them better engage in their health care decisions.


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