Qualified Small Employer HRA (QSEHRA)

Small business health benefits without the need for a group health plan

When the 21st Century Cures Act became law in 2016 the era of defined contribution health benefits for small businesses ushered in. By authorizing the creation of Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangements (QSEHRA), the law allows companies to use tax-preferred dollars to reimburse employees who buy their own insurance, as an alternative to establishing a traditional group health plan.

In response to the CURES ACT becoming law, Digital Health Innovations (DHI) launched the HealthJibe QSEHRA as part of its HealthJibe Health Empowerment Arrangement (HEA) platform. With the HealthJibe QSEHRA, instead of setting up a group plan you simply reimburse employees (pre-tax) a fixed amount per month -- that you decide. No more carrier meetings. No more annual renewals. No more COBRA. And no more frustration wondering if employees value the benefit at all.

The HealthJibe Platform

The HealthJibe platform is the first specialty health benefits solution that combines the power of tax-advantaged account-based benefits with consumer health engagement technology.

Our driving goal for the HealthJibe platform is SIMPLICITY:

  • Simple for the employer:

    1. Set a budget.

    2. Direct your employees to install the HealthJibe app on their mobile phone.

    3. Go back to running your business.

  • Simple for the employee:

    1. Snap a picture.

    2. Get tax-free cash in you back account to help pay for health insurance and medical expenses.

HealthJibe also makes consumer health engagement the foundation of your health benefit in order to stabilize health care costs over the long term - for you and your employees. HealthJibe promotes awareness of  emerging health risks and lifestyle habits and encourages employees to focus on prevention in the right way: with their own doctor -- not their employer. No need for an expensive, risky wellness program. Health engagement features are integrated into the HealthJibe app at no extra cost.

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