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Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Bob Blonchek discuss the following:

  • What is metabolic syndrome and how big of a problem is it?

  • Why does HealthJibe focus on health risk management?

  • Can you explain how the HealthJibe platform works and describe some of its unique features?

  • We understand that data analytics, sometimes referred to as big data, is also part of your solution. Tell us about that?

  • How does HealthJibe impact the provider/patient relationship?

Employment Benefit Adviser


Advances in technology have changed the way we do business in virtually every industry, and the benefits field is no exception. Benefit advisers who want to stay relevant must stay abreast of emerging technologies. But those who want to truly differentiate themselves from the competition need to leverage technology in creative and innovative ways, not only to improve their own internal systems, but also to offer new solutions for employer clients.

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