Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA)

Small and mid-size business health benefits without the need for a group health plan

The Individual Cover HRA (ICHRA) is a game-changer for employers looking to provide health benefits to their employees. It represents a new, more modern model of employer-sponsored health insurance. ICHRA (some pronounce it “ick-rah”) is available for employers to start using in January 2020.

ICHRA is an evolution of another type of HRA, called a QSEHRA (some pronounce it "q-sarah"), that was created in 2017. Both allow employers to reimburse employees tax-free for individual health insurance, but ICHRA represents a “super-charged” version of QSEHRA with higher limits and greater design flexibility that will appeal to more employers.

ICHRA takes the burden of managing a health plan and underlying health risks off of the employer. You or your clients won’t have to hassle with renewals, worry about participation rates, stress about what doctor networks your employees want, or be surprised by annual premium increases. Instead, with ICHRA employers can decide which employees qualify, set their monthly allowances, and get back to managing their business while employees get to choose the plans they want.

The HealthJibe Platform

The HealthJibe platform is the first specialty health benefits solution that combines the power of tax-advantaged account-based benefits with consumer health engagement technology.

Our driving goal for the HealthJibe platform is SIMPLICITY:

  • Simple for the employer:

    1. Set a budget.

    2. Direct your employees to install the HealthJibe app on their mobile phone.

    3. Go back to running your business.

  • Simple for the employee:

    1. Snap a picture.

    2. Get tax-free cash in you back account to help pay for health insurance and medical expenses.

HealthJibe also makes consumer health engagement the foundation of your health benefit in order to stabilize health care costs over the long term - for you and your employees. HealthJibe promotes awareness of  emerging health risks and lifestyle habits and encourages employees to focus on prevention in the right way: with their own doctor -- not their employer. No need for an expensive, risky wellness program. Health engagement features are integrated into the HealthJibe app at no extra cost.

Compatible HealthJibe HEA Products:

HealthJibe Flexible Spending Accounts



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Disclaimer: See a licensed agent for detailed information on employee benefits in your state. Digital Health Innovations, Inc. does not sell health insurance.
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